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ShelfNow Partners with Trackgood for Supply Chain Transparency


Blockchain-based supply chain transparency and traceability company Trackgood has entered into a partnership with innovative food and beverage marketplace ShelfNow.

As the consumer expectation for clarity in food-related information grows, being able to communicate the story of their products is becoming increasingly for producers and retailers alike. In this environment, the just-announced partnership between Trackgood and artisan marketplace ShelfNow will help ensure a sustainable future for all.

ShelfNow has over 50 years of experience in the retail, food & beverage and technology sectors and provides an innovative machine learning wholesale marketplace to distribute food & beverage products directly from producers to independent buyers.

The ShelfNow marketplace features over 600 artisanal food products from small independent producers that specialize in offering high-quality alternatives to current food and drinks in traditional markets.

With consumer concerns relating to the sustainability and provenance of their purchases on the upswing, the partnership between ShelfNow and Trackgood opens up the following opportunities:

  • ShelfNow will present Trackgood to its client base - exposing potentially hundreds of new clients to the Trackgood services - and which in turn will promote food source transparency and sustainability in the food industry.
  • ShelfNow will integrate Trackgood data into its marketplace. This will enable trade buyers using its platform to see the Trackgood transparency data in real-time and be able to filter their searches by products and producers that share their commitment to supply chain transparency.

In the last 12 months, ShelfNow has seen a 230% rise in the number of organic, fair trade and sustainable brands on its platform and it prioritises partnerships with ethical producers.

Integrating Trackgood’s blockchain supply chain visibility tools enable producers to provide evidence for ethical claims in the most reliable and transparent way. With a simple click, buyers can reveal the locations and people engaged in a producer’s supply chain. Every detail is included - from images of the production process, to profiles of those involved, to quality certificates, lot numbers, and travel documents. The certified public information is verified due to the immutable nature of the blockchain.

ShelfNow has a strong underlying ethos to support innovation and sustainability of the many small and medium-sized businesses within the food supply chain. It is focused on continuing to develop its technology and data-driven insights so that producers and buyers can discover, engage and transact in an evermore seamless and efficient manner.

Philip Linardos, co-founder and CEO of ShelfNow says “As consumers are becoming more aware and interested in ethical brands, there is a greater demand from buyers to work with transparent and ethical producers. The integration of blockchain technology will allow us to lead the way in enabling our buyers to discover like-minded producers and see proof of ethical claims that brands make. Furthermore, we are excited to be launching a programme to support our producers to introduce blockchain technology into their small businesses – something that would be difficult for SMEs without our support.”

Trackgood provides the next logical step by embracing the immutable blockchain to validate ShelfNow's supply chain. Trackgoods innovative solution is powered by blockchain technology and will enable ShelfNow to meet its core goals of simplicity, transparency and affordability. ShelfNow can use the tool to implement its sustainability strategies into its business model, track the movement of goods, and ensure compliance in traceability matters – all conveniently viewed by consumers through an easy-to-use mobile app.

Consumers increasingly demand to know where the products they buy are coming from to ensure ethical sourcing and sustainable business practices. With Trackgood, businesses can provide transparent insight into their supply chains and showcase their positive impact on society.

This is a partnership perfectly designed for delivering maximum-impact stories with ease through crystal clear visibility of all interactions across the supply chain allowing ShelfNow and its producers to share their impact stories with their customers and back their sustainability claims.

Founder of Trackgood, John Hussey, says every company utilising Trackgood is playing a positive role in the progression of sustainable development goals. He says his company is excited to partner with ShelfNow to power its blockchain-enabled marketplace. “While many firms claim to be operating sustainably,” he says, “consumer demand for transparency means they also need to be able to prove it.”

Hussey says a staggering 95% of 5,300 home and family products struggle to substantiate their ethical production claims and 88% of consumers want brands to help them improve their social and environmental footprint. “With Trackgood, businesses can provide transparent insights into their supply chains and showcase the positive impact they are having in supporting ethical and sustainable production.”

June 14, 2024

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