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Enhance your ability to communicate effectively

Join us in creating a brighter, more transparent future. Transform your product journeys to enhance transparency and build consumer trust.

Showcase ethical sourcing

Businesses committed to ethical sourcing can use Trackgood to verify and showcase their supply chain partners' adherence to ethical standards. This is particularly relevant for industries like jewelry, where conflict-free sourcing is crucial, or in coffee and cocoa, where fair trade practices are highly valued.
Sustainable Development Goals
No Poverty
Zero Hunger
Good Health & Wellbeing
Quality Education
Gender Equality
Clean Water & Sanitation
Affordable Clean Energy
Decent Work & Growth
Industy Infrustructure
Reduced Inequalities
Sustainable Communities
Responisible Production
Climate Action
Life Below Water
Life On Land
Peace And Justice
Partnerships For The Goals

Push product innovation and development

Companies can use insights gained from Trackgood to drive product innovation that aligns with sustainability goals. This is particularly useful for sectors such as automotive and technology, where there is a strong push towards greener, more sustainable products.
Insights Gained
Product Innovation
Greener Sustainable Products

Monitor waste usage

Trackgood can help companies monitor and manage their waste reduction efforts, including recycling and repurposing initiatives. This is vital for industries transitioning to a circular economy model, such as consumer goods, where minimizing environmental impact is a priority.

Mitigate product journey risks

By providing visibility into every tier of the product journey, Trackgood helps businesses identify and mitigate risks related to labor practices, environmental compliance, and geopolitical issues. This is essential for industries like minerals and mining, where operational risks can have significant ethical and sustainability implications.
Labor Practises
Environmental Compliance
Geopolitical Issues

Differentiate in growing markets

By showcasing their commitment to transparency and sustainability, businesses can differentiate themselves in crowded markets. This is especially relevant for companies aiming to capture the growing segment of environmentally and socially conscious consumers.
+68% in Q3, 2024
+54% in Q2, 2024
+50% in Q1, 2024

Stand out in sustainable investment and funding

For startups and enterprises seeking investment, using Trackgood to demonstrate a commitment to ethical practices and sustainability can attract socially responsible investors. This is increasingly relevant as ESG criteria become a crucial part of investment decisions across all sectors.

Become a more sustainable business

For businesses striving to meet international sustainability standards and regulations, Trackgood simplifies the compliance process. It offers tools to track and report on sustainability metrics, such as carbon footprint, water usage, and labor practices.
+189% metric improvement
+204% on sustainability goals

Enhance consumer engagement and trust

Through QR codes or digital links on product packaging, companies can use Trackgood to share their sustainability journey and product stories directly with consumers. This transparency builds trust and loyalty in sectors where brand integrity is paramount.
Q1, 2024
+2740 Scans
Sustainability Journey
Q2, 2024
+4317 Scans
Product Stories

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